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Quality of our production

Ingredients that we use for production are ecologically clean. With the latest high-tech equipment, we achieved to concentrate all of the production cycle at a single site and we have been able to reduce the cost of raw material, while maintaining the highest quality products. At the same time, we would never use the method of reducing the cost of production by using cheaper components or raw materials.

Our brands

Our juices are Well! and Innabi contain high-quality natural ingredients and packed aseptically according to the technology of Swedish company Tetra Pak. Juices were issued in 2008 and successfully proved itself in Azerbaijan market, as well as at the largest exhibition in the United States.


The human life is a permanent stress. It’s full of constant physical and mental pressure. We are living in the age of bad ecology, natural disasters and economic crisis. Large city residents are subject to such overpressure most of all. Natural juices have healthful and recovery power, because fruits and vegetables are of great importance for our nutrition and have positive effect on our health. Natural juices contain a great number of vitamins, carbohydrates, organic acids, ferments, etc. They improve the metabolic process of organism and blood circulation, raise your immunity, and strengthen vascular walls. In order to get healthy juices it is necessary to use fruits and vegetables cultivated on organic soil without the addition of chemical fertilizers. “Balacans” LLC is using only natural raw for the manufacturing of its juices and nectars.

Apple juice

It is common knowledge that apple juice contains a lot of vitamins. Since apples are full of pectic substances acting as adsorbents, apple juice activates protective systems of an organism and removes toxins. It is possible to drink it abundantly without causing damage to health. Moreover, apple juice is irreplaceable for fitness and various diets. Well! apple juice is both tasty and healthy because it keeps all the qualities and vitamins of apple juice.

Orange juice

Orange juice contains a lot of minerals. It includes calcium, phosphorus, potassium, cuprum, ferrum, magnesium and zink. Orange juice is full of vitamins and raises your tonus, removes your weariness and strengthens your blood-vessels. However, orange is rich not only in vitamins but also in various minerals and antioxidants. Regular use of orange juice may reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. Well! orange juice is a guarantee of the high quality and taste because we use only the best fruits containing maximum juice.

Peach juice

Peach juice is full of organic acids, vitamins, mineral salts and ferrum. Peach juice is good for strengthening cardiovascular system, helps to digest greasy food, and activates hemoglobin. Besides, complex of vitamins contained in peach juices help organisms to adapt to rugged environment. Well! peach juice has all the qualities and advantages inhering in the real peach juice. It’s full of vitamins and distinguished by wonderful fragrance and delicate taste.

Apricot juice

Apricot juice is very healthful thanks to a great number of carotene and potassium. It is famous for its flavour and delicate fragrance. Apricot juice is very effective for the performance ability of every man in case of the significant physical and mental overpressure. Well! apricot juice is not only delicious but also a very healthful drink containing a lot of ferrum. Only mellow and undamaged fruits are used in the process of its production. That is why it remains all its positive qualities.

Cherry nectar

Cherry nectar is as delicious and healthful as the other natural juices. The significant content of ferrum, folic acid and magnesium, as well as vitamins and a great number of tonic agents benefit to our organism. Besides, cherry nectar quenches your thirst and serves as an excellent means to improve your appetite. Well! cherry juice is produced out of the mellowest and freshest cherries which make its taste and aroma richer.

Multivitamin nectar

Well! multivitamin nectar is a mix of the various fruits and vitamins. Nectar contains 11 fruits that are equally delicious and healthful, full of minerals, carbohydrates, acids, metals and other biologically active substances helping you to be vivacious and cheerful. Nectar contains orange, tangerine, pineapple, apple, lime, passion fruit, as well as puree of banana, guava, apricot, papaya and mango. Optimal combination of fruits contained in multivitamin nectar is easily digested and feeds organism with the necessary vitamins.

Fruit mix

Well! fruit mix nectar contains pineapple, orange, pomegranate and apricot puree. The combination of these ingredients is carefully considered, all the proportions are precisely calculated – that is why such an unusual taste of this nectar is so pleasant and fragrant. Apart from taste qualities, nectar contains a complex of vitamins, mineral salts and microelements required for human organism. Well! fruit mix nectar has a refreshing effect and perfectly quenches your thirst.

Hawthorn nectar

Hawthorn nectar has the whole complex of active substances and a plenty of vitamins. It is helpful in case of seasonal vitamin deficiency, intoxication of organism, and excessive physical and mental pressure in the stress period of life. It is also recommended for improvement of vision. Well! hawthorn nectar is produced of the mellowest fruits and following all the niceties of the preparation process. That is why it has such a special taste and delicate fragrance./p>

Dogrose nectar

Dogrose is full of vitamins and microelements. It helps to improve immunity and protects organism from premature aging. Dogrose has very extensive range – from treatment and recreation to prevention of the various diseases. Well! dogrose nectar is a terrific tonic agent increasing our performance ability, physical and mental activity.

Innabi pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is considered to be a very valuable product containing the whole complex of vitamins, minerals and microelements. It is perfectly digested, stabilizes gastric juice and normalizes blood. Apart from the fact that Innabi is 100% natural, its vacuum packing enables it to remain all the gustative and useful qualities. Innabi pomegranate juice is good for your health and has the incomparable taste of a fresh pomegranate.

Well! pomegranate mixes

Well! pomegranate mixes is the unchangeable quality of pomegranate products released by the factory of our company. Reliable vacuum packaging that keeps the taste and useful qualities of fruits compares favourably with its bright and creative design. We offer a wide range of pomegranate mixes distinguished by peculiar, incomparable taste. Mixes of pomegranate with apple, orange, cherry, blood orange, grapefruit & lemon, apricot, red berries, wild berries, as well as the unique combination of pomegranate, carrot and multifruit juices is an utter celebration for all the natural juice lovers.


Compote is one of the favourite drinks in Azerbaijan. Compotes made of fruits and berries are both tasty and healthful since they preserve many vitamins and useful substances. In the manufacture of compotes we strictly observe the traditional recipes of boiling, that is why they are so rich and delicious.
Balacans company manufactures a number of compotes: blackberry, plum, cornel, hawthorn, peach, grape, feijoa as well as fruit mixes out of feijoa & hawthorn, feijoa & apple, feijoa & quince, apple & hawthorn, quince & hawthorn, quince & pomegranate, apple & pomegranate.


Jam is the most popular table delicacy of Azerbaijanis over a number of years. The genuine jam lovers prefer to boil it at home, because that’s how they can be sure that only the quality products have been used in the process of its cooking and the right proportion of sugar and fruits has been observed. We take all the worries off our consumers’ hands, because the jams manufactured by Balacans differ nothing from home-made jams – they are tasty, rich and flavourful.
Our company produces jams that suit all tastes: apple, blackberry, plum, cherry, quince, peach, cornel, and jam out of rose petals. Moreover, we produce oh so delicious marmalades out of apple, blackberry and persimmon – a real celebration for any gourmand!


We are cooperating with the largest manufacturer of non-alcoholic drinks – Coca-Cola company. As a result of the signing of contract with Coca-Cola, the filling of Cappy natural juices is carried out at our factory


The filling of the popular juice Dimes which proved itself well in the local market is also carried out at the factory of our company.

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