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About us

«Balacans» LLC is located in the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the city of Balaken. The site where our production factory built is the greenest part of Azerbaijan full of forests and mountains in the very heart of the nature, where due to geographical location and terrain characteristics, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, ranging from northern, to citrus and typical subtropical crops are successfully cultivated.
Ecologically favorable environment provides superior quality of raw components manufactured at our production plant. Our manufacturing factory was founded in 1969 and today the «Balacans»- is a dynamically developing company with a complex industrial structure.

Our mission

We are meeting the needs of modern society in improving health through providing high-quality supplies to the whole public with our products. By carrying out this mission we are implementing our activities legally and in accordance with the principles of business ethics, shared values, economic optimum and expediency, as well as combining the interests of the organization with the needs of individual staff members and personal interests with the needs of the team, we are contributing to the development of the economy by providing a positive influence on the development of our business sector, industry and economic environment in general.


The main priority of “Balacans” LLC is the high quality of production. We are providing the quality production at all the stages of its development, production, storage, distribution and sale. The purpose of our company is to conform to the highest standards of quality by the means of the modern technologies. The increase of quality and effectiveness of solutions enable us to be competitive and develop continually.


The activity of “Balacans” LLC in the sphere of innovations is directed to the search and realization of the novelties in order to improve the technologies and increase the production quality. The main purpose of our activity in this field is to support the effective production meeting the needs of the age. As a result of the work of the qualified specialists, our company has implemented the innovative solutions contributing to the promotion of our production in the local market.

Policy and strategy

The policy of “Balacans” LLC lies in the constant striving to improve its activity and introduction of the qualitative and effective work. In the process of manufacturing we are strictly following the international standards and the national legislation. As a result of our scrupulous work we signed the contract on filling Cappy juice with the largest manufacturer of non-alcoholic drinks – Coca-Cola company. The filling of Dimes and O’grae natural juices is also carried out at our factory. The strategic goal of the company is a permanent dynamics of development and stability conforming to the best indications of the juice manufacturers.


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